Declan Hartley-Brown

Cinematic storytelling to inspire - championing feel and culture

Declan is a Filmmaker and Photographer based out of South Australia. He creates videos and imagery for destinations and global brands that sell audiences on the feel and culture, rather than the product.

Inspired by films such as “The Secret life of Walter Mitty” and “Creed,” as well as a passion for the outdoors, adventure, connection and growth, Declan pushes to create work that inspires audiences to get out of their comfort zone, chase adventure and push themselves to squeeze more out of life.

Declan believes that the best work is work that’s inspired. Whenever he’s not shooting, he spends his time traveling, connecting with new and old friends, running, flicking through photo books, listening to music, jumping into the ocean and cultivating beautiful conversation. These things all feed into Declan’s creativity and understanding of the world, and help him to create work that champions his goal of inspiring and exciting audiences.

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